All-in One:
Discovery to Proposal.

At the core of our solution is a sales process that enables anyone to sell effectively with the added focus of improving buyer experience.

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All of your sales steps centralized for
easy management.

Using our innovative platform, consolidate disparate tools used to manage the sales cycle into a simple and centralized work stream. Plus, invite your customers to collaborate with you on a path to purchase.


Structure your discovery, take notes and invite the buyer to collobrate and confirm.

Mutual Action Plan (MAP)

Hold prospects accountable to next steps, eliminate confusion, and stay in control of your deals

Value Summary

Create buy-in by importing key findings from the discovery phase to the value summary phase.


Invite parties to a live demo, upload a pre-recorded demo, or sync your live demo recording, storing it for review.


Carry forward elements from earlier in the sales process into the proposal for delivery and final signatures.

taking notes

Discovery Session

Take notes during a discovery call within the platform and consolidate your findings in a business analysis.


Mutual Action Plan

Keep deals on track by collaborating with your buyer to assign tasks and due dates on a path to purchase.

Assign tasks

Set due dates

Email reminders

Visible to all


Business Analysis

Consolidate your findings from a discovery session and summarize them for the buyer in a visually digestable way.


Product Demonstration

Use a video conferencing tool within the platform to demonstrate your solution and store all recordings for ease of access.

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Uploaded proposals are accessible and viewable within the environment by all stakeholders.


Buyer Enablement

Stand out from competitors by simplifying the buying experience and enabling customers to evaluate your offering with ease.



Gain pipeline insights based on real-time buyer engagement throughout the sales cycle at each stage.


The most useful platform
ever created for

Sales teams using ProcessLogic will experience an easy and efficient way of managing the sales process and collaborating with buyers- from the first discovery call to the final proposal & review.

Defined Sales Process

Engagement Analytics

Optimal Buyer Experience

Productivity & Communication Tools