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Discovery - Vision - Timeline - Demo - Proposal

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Adhere to a Process

Over 66% of sellers don't adhere to their company's sales process. We solve for that by operationalizing your process

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Collaborate with Buyers

Easily invite buyers to collaborate in the sales process and measure their engagement with analytics.

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Gain Visibility

Assess the quality of each stage completed; coach and guide sellers to improve performance.

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Centralize Information

No more digging through email and CRM, find all your deal information in one place.

ProcessLogic is built with the
seller, buyer, and manager in mind.

We've built well over a dozen Bootstrap themes and sold tens of thousands of copies.

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- aligning the buyer to your process, ensuring a step-by-step buy in.
- save time by organizing and centralizing your opportunity documents in one place
- shorten the sales cycle, qualify the right opportunities and Improve your win rate

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- Allow buyers to actively collaborate in the discovery and needs analysis.
- Provide a centralized place for all documents your buyer requires to evaluate your solution.
- Empower buyers to champion your solution internally with all the information at their finger tips

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- Have visibility into your sellers adherenceto the sales process and improve accountability.
- Assess the quality of the discovery, needs analysis, DEMO and proposal to coach and guide your sellers.
- Quickly access relevant opportunity information to improve forecasting.


Can I use ProcessLogic as an independent consultant?

Absolutely. Sign-up for a single license and get a leg-up in your consultancy engagements by enhancing your clients experience.


I'm a sales manager, how can ProcessLogic help my team?

Drive your teams performance by assessing the quality of each deal. Spend your one-on-one's analyzing and strategizing on how to bring deals to close. It eliminates digging through a static CRM for relevant information and improves your ability to forecast deals more accurately.


Can I use ProcessLogic as an individual Account Executive?

Yes. ProcessLogic is an easy-to-use, stand alone solution. You can immediately begin using it to manage your opportunities better.


Does it integrate with our CRM?

Although process logic can be effectively uses as a stand-alone solution, you can easily integrate it with your CRM to pull opportunities directly.

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