ProcessLogic is a cloud-based solution built to drive your sales process by helping administer adherence from sellers, enabling collaboration with buyers, and increasing transparency for all stakeholders.

Administer a consistent sales process that delivers results.

Quickly assess and pin point where any deal stands and assess the quality of each stage of the sales process, from discovery to proposal.

Enhance the buying experience to win more deals.

Stand out from your competition by enhancing the buyers experience. Allow them to collaborate, share documents, and easily accessing information related to the opportunity sharing it with internal stakeholders.

Improved Transparency

All stakeholders - seller, buyer, manager - have visibility into the opportunity. Use analytics to determine how engaged your buyer is, while providing them with visibility into next steps. Managers can easily access information without need to inspect sellers, digging through email, or CRM.

All in one place

Your current information and communication in sales pursuits is fragmented in emails, powerpoints and CRM. Allow your sellers and buyers to consolidate all information in one place that is easily accessible and can be shared. Also ensure a smooth transition between sellers if opportunities switch hands.